About Me


Welcome to rachelNation.

In here you will find tall tales, funny observations and hilarious stories based on the real life experiences of a gal just trying to keep it real one laugh at a time.

I am a music junkie based out of Vancouver, BC. and I couldn’t play a musical instrument to save my life, but I most certainly have tried.  I love all things Arctic Monkeys and Vancouver Whitecaps.

It is a common understanding that I’m clumsy as all hell.  I should have invested in human bubble wrap.

I am also an award winning writer as evidenced by the image below of a book of poetry I wrote when I was 12 years old.  


Other Notable Awards and Recommendations:

Best Blog you will read in your life!  We laughed…and laughed” – Keith and Carolyn Paisley

I hope you enjoy and I would love to hear any and all feedback that you have about your experiences within this blog.

With Laughters and Smiles!

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